What is a macrobiotic diet mean

By | January 18, 2021

what is a macrobiotic diet mean

If you have symptoms of cancer contact your doctor. Read our information about coronavirus and cancer. The word macrobiotic comes from the Greek words macro, which means large or long, and bio, which means life. The macrobiotic diet was developed in the s by a Japanese philosopher called George Ohsawa. He believed that by eating a simple, healthy diet, we could live in harmony with nature. He also believed that his macrobiotic diet could cure cancer and other serious illnesses. The macrobiotic diet aims to avoid foods containing toxins. Many people follow a completely vegan diet with no dairy products or meats. But some people eat small amounts of organic fish and meat. Some people with cancer use macrobiotic diets as a complementary therapy. They think that changing their diet and lifestyle might help them to feel better and more positive.

The macrobiotic diet was first developed by a Japanese philosopher called George Ohsawa. Macrobiotics focuses on choosing organic, locally grown and seasonal produce. Generally, the macrobiotic diet is divided roughly as follows. Some people also include small amounts of pickles and fermented vegetables, nuts, seeds, and occasionally some meat or fish. Followers may adopt a macrobiotic diet in slightly different ways with some adhering very strictly to the rules on food preparation, cooking and eating, while others are more relaxed and only follow these rules in moderation. Advocates of the macrobiotic diet claim that following the plan can help with chronic illnesses including cancer. Starchy carbs like grains and rice are easy to overeat. This is, in part, thanks to the plant-based, low-fat, high-fibre nature of the regime. For the young, elderly and those who are ill or have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, like cancer, following a strict diet which restricts certain food groups may severely limit nutrient intake. That said, there are elements of the macrobiotic diet that may be helpful, as long as it is applied in a less restrictive manner. Eating more fruit and vegetables and lowering your salt, sugar and fat intake can have a positive effect, specifically as stated above for heart health and even for reducing the risk of certain cancers. Anecdotal reports have suggested a therapeutic effect for some patients with chronic illness.

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