What digestive problems cause weight loss

By | June 26, 2020

what digestive problems cause weight loss

Unexplained weight loss occurs when people lose weight without changing their diet or exercise routine. Most people are very aware of the dangerous consequences of weight gain, and many articles focus on ways to lose weight. People may gain or lose weight in response to seasonal changes or when facing important or stressful life changes, such as moving home or starting a new job. However, a person may wish to see a doctor if they experience significant weight loss that has no clear explanation. In this article, learn about the possible causes of unexplained weight loss and when to see a doctor. Several medical conditions can cause unexplained weight loss. People can help their doctor pinpoint the underlying cause by paying attention to any additional symptoms that they experience.

When everything is flowing smoothly, life is good. And we’re not just talking good hair days or a flawless presentation at work. Your digestive tract counts too. But when it’s out of whack, it could affect — you guessed it — the scale. If the number on the scale is changing and you really aren’t sure why, one of these common digestive issues could be the culprit. Also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD, this causes a painful burning sensation, or heartburn, in the lower chest when stomach acid rises back up into your esophagus. And for people who suffer from it, the term “comfort food” takes on a whole new meaning because the act of eating can actually help reduce pain.

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A higher BMI is associated with several different types of digestive symptoms, but most people tend to assume that either the weight itself causes the digestive problems, or that the root cause of both is a lousy diet. Thyroid disease and ENS dysfunction can affect digestive symptoms and weight at the same time. This study went over all the ways that thyroid problems can cause digestive symptoms — some people with chronic digestive problems might not realize that what they actually have is a thyroid problem. The study went over the symptoms of overactive and underactive thyroid. To name a few of them. And one more thing from that study: autoimmune thyroid disease is associated with much higher rates of Celiac Disease than in the general population. People with Celiac Disease also have much higher rates of autoimmune thyroid disorders than healthy people. There may be a common genetic link between the two diseases.

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Medically reviewed by Graham Rogers, M. A lot of people confuse abdominal distension from bloating as fat. Older adults are also often subject to abdominal pain due to medications they may be taking. How can I prevent abdominal pain and unintentional weight loss?

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Weight what digestive problems loss cause opinion you are notMany of the things that damage the ENS are also strongly linked to weight gain. Bear with us — this one isn’t quite as gross as it sounds. Common thyroid disorders include Prolems disease, Graves’ disease, and goiter.
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