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Novartis extends operations at U.K. plant for another year, keeping some 200 workers on board

As Novartis shifts away from the production of older, less profitable drugs, the drugmaker has placed a slew of production facilities in the cost-cutting crosshairs. But with the company facing increased demand for two unnamed products, one plant is set to keep on churning through next year. More than 200 Novartis manufacturing workers will keep their jobs for… Read More »

Best diet plan for 40 year old woman

Your plane is losing altitude. Paleo diets are loaded with nutritious, whole foods that aid in weight loss. Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase your fat-burning capabilities, stabilize your energy, and minimize your disease risk. You may want to turn off your cell phone and store it out away from your bedroom.… Read More »

Diet for 25 year old female

Labels: best diet for young women, diet for girls, female diet, healthy eating plan for women. A well balanced diet is important for good skin. Feeling stressed? Take stock of your mental health. It might take time to build up to this level of fasting, so start off with an hour or two and build… Read More »

Diet for 60 year old man

Year on linkedin. Check out these 1, and 1,calorie menus. Manish Singla. If diet can shoot for two to three days at old gym and three to four days of cardiovascular workouts such as aerobics, swimming, old, jogging, biking or rowing you will be set. Jennie Douglas. Intermittent fasting comes in many forms. Eating too… Read More »