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Vegan diet effect on health

Appetite , — Around the BBC. Rheumatology 33, — I cannot advise you on your B12 and zinc status, you would need to get a lab test. Cozy Fall Recipes. Dietary vitamin K intakes are associated with hip fracture but not with bone mineral density in elderly men and women. Nutrients 6, — A vegan… Read More »

Feel like crap on a vegan diet

Every so often, we see ex-vegans in the news, talking about how the vegan diet made them sick. What should be emphasized, however, is not that the vegan diet made them sick, but their vegan diet did. Maybe their vegan diet was too restrictive; maybe they need to up their veggie intake, or maybe they… Read More »

Honey in a vegan diet

Humans have consumed honey for centuries. Bees have been making it for even longer. The insect first started making honey around million years ago, long before humans even existed on planet Earth. If you do still eat honey, can you call yourself a vegan? Not out of place on the breakfast table, honey is a… Read More »