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Risks high protein diet

If the rise in popularity of the Paleo Diet has shown us anything, it’s that people are allured by the promise of relatively easy weight loss and increased muscle mass. No great surprise there! But are high protein diets as healthy as they’re touted? We explore a few prominent ones and some of the dangers… Read More »

Risks of vegan diet underweight

The Skinny Vegan Diet is a low-calorie diet that promises weight loss by following strict vegan eating — that means no animal-associated foods. But like anyone on a restrictive food plan, dieters on the Skinny Vegan Diet could end up with some nutritional deficiencies. The Skinny Vegan Diet is a low-calorie diet that promotes weight… Read More »

Risks of a low carb diet

Low carbohydrate diets are unsafe and should be avoided, according to a large study presented today at ESC Congress Study author Professor Maciej Banach, of the Medical University of Lodz, Poland, said: “We found that people who consumed a low carbohydrate diet were at greater risk of premature death. Risks were also increased for individual… Read More »

Health risks with atkins diet

Some studies suggest that there are other reasons for weight loss with the Atkins Diet. When these diets are prescribed and overseen by doctors, they are usually designed for short-term use in order to improve specific health features, like weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. The associations were strongest among older, non-obese people. Complex carbs,… Read More »