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Understanding Psoriasis

What is Psoriasis: Once thought to be a skin disorder, psoriasis is now understood to be a condition originating in the immune system that can appear in many different forms and can affect any part of the body, including the nails and scalp. The patches may be silver or red. It is characterized by skin… Read More »

Psoriasis and Body Image

Joni Kazantzis was 15 years old when she woke up one morning covered with red, scaly spots that looked a lot like chickenpox. It happened overnight, so her mother thought it may have been an allergic reaction. But within the same week, she got a diagnosis: guttate psoriasis. That’s a type of psoriasis that shows… Read More »

Psoriasis after keto diet

Strep keto is a common trigger. And now that I am divorced I like to say it is my diet to not get diet again. Pustular keto appears as blisters of kwto with red skin around the lesion. The psoriasis common type is plaque psoriasis, which has localized and well-demarcated lesions. In this article, we… Read More »