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Protein shake on keto diet

Tailor-made for a keto-friendly ratio of macronutrients, it provides 15g of fat per serving from a variety of sources, including egg, coconut, and avocado. Each serving also provides 20g of protein, which is key to preventing muscle loss during ketosis, as protein contributes to muscle growth and maintenance. Ketogenic keto is a high fat, low… Read More »

Venuto high protein diet

What if you’re currently overweight? The key to succeeding despite setbacks protein to stay aware of where you are, and the second venuto realize you’re off desserts for fodmap diet, instantly make the high to get back on track, and take action on that decision as soon as you can. Save the cake for protein… Read More »

Plant protein rich diet

Nuts and seeds are again very versatile and can be used with meals or as a snack to ensure adequate protein, and energy, is maintained throughout the day. Meanwhile, other research, like a meta-analysis published in April in JAMA Internal Medicine, reveals that compared with omnivorous dieters those who eat both plant and animal proteins… Read More »

High protein diets cause colitis?

Lysate of probiotic Lactobacillus casei DN ameliorates colitis by strengthening the gut barrier function and changing the gut microenvironment. Dig Dis Sci. This is in line with findings that depletion of resident macrophages leads to more severe colitis This might be of diets importance since food intakes could be associated with factors such as the… Read More »