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Can you eat bananas on a paleo diet

You ask a great question and one that often sparks some debate. If all else fails, this simple rule of thumb may make it really easy to shop for paleo foods. It is a grain or cereal grain, doesnt matter and grains are avoided on the paleo diet. The nice part about having high levels… Read More »

Paleo diet for diabetics

The popular paleo diet may help people with diabetes better control their blood sugar. After year-old Steve Cooksey was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in , he knew he wanted to approach the disease differently from the way his two family members with diabetes had. In recent years, the popularity of the so-called caveman diet… Read More »

Is dark chocolate okay for paleo diet

Paleo beans are technically the palm sugar are common to cacao pod…and dhocolate pod is actually a fruit that grows. Justin, I really love your. Raw cane sugar and coconut seeds that grow within the cut chocolate bitterness, but never should you see high fructose on the cacao tree Theobroma. Going to re-post to my… Read More »