Snake diet gain muscle lose fat

By | August 19, 2020

snake diet gain muscle lose fat

In these pictures my body fat percentage is almost identical at Scan results shown below. As you all know I have been performing hardcore fasting experiments since last October and still managed to gain 3 lbs of pure muscle! Glenwood radiology has offered to give me free DEXA scans so I can log my body composition for my current muscle mass building experiment. I am going be following an old school Mike Mentzer High Intensity Training routine combined with a fasting focused lifestyle. The goal is to see how much muscle I can slap on in the next few months while continuing to stay 6 pack lean. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.

It’s like a bad 4-letter word that’s offensive in all countries. This intense circuit keeps your heart rate up, burns calories, and tones your whole body. With this high fruit routine I would be dry fasting all day. I would continue this until I was absolutely fucking ripped! He even took me to buy binoculars so I could cross the road without being worried. I started fasting for the health benefits. Certified Health Nut. Scan results shown below. Not Now. People who refuse to give up always achieve there weight loss goal or they die trying.

I would fast as long as humanly possible drinking only Snake Juice. I would only refeed if I felt like absolute death. I would continue this routine until I could see some abs. I would see some good abs after about 8 weeks of hardcore fasting putting me at approximately lbs. I would fast 22 hrs per day minimum with a 48 hr fast on rest days. I would use body weight scale feed back to control my food intake. My meals would look something like this: gram steak, 2kg plus of fruit and veggies, and maybe grams super high fat foods. With this high fruit routine I would be dry fasting all day.

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