Rare bird thought to be extinct appears on Hawaiian volcano

From beyond the grave, this believed-dead bird has made an appearance. In a failed attempt to help the critically endangered kiwikiu, or Maui Parrotbill, seven of the gold-and-green birds were translocated to Maui’s Nakula Natural Area Reserve in October 2019. However, an epidemic of avian malaria transmitted by “non-native” mosquitos killed five of them. The… Read More »

Zombie health care news

Although I am advancing rapidly into almost complete retirement, there are some days/weeks when I can’t refrain from pointing out some of the troubling health care news I see.  This is one such week. First, the COVID zombie news My local Star Tribune newspaper delivered this front page news: University of Minnesota, Mayo report COVID-fighting success… Read More »

5 of the Best Lower Chest Exercises to Do at Home

1. Dumbbell pullover The dumbbell pullover is a classic exercise from the Golden age of bodybuilding that can help build serious muscle mass and when done correctly, will work the lower pecs, triceps, abs and lats. What muscles does the dumbbell pullover work? Primary muscles: The dumbbell pullover primarily targets the serratus anterior muscle located… Read More »