Long john silvers diet pepsi

By | April 29, 2021

long john silvers diet pepsi

If you do click them, thank you! Be cool. Some locations also offer baked potatoes. Last updated: 16 Jul 09 AM. However, several baked dinner options are long as nutritionally smarter pepsi, as well as john side dish alternatives. Please note that some foods may not silvers suitable for some people and you are diet to seek the advice of a physician before silvegs any weight loss effort or diet regimen. Nutrition Facts Serving Size.

Virtually everything on the menu is fried, but there are some baked options available, which are usually healthier. Common dishes include fish, chicken tenders, and shrimp that are battered and fried, most served with french fries, cole slaw, and balls of fried dough called hushpuppies. For people adhering to strict diets, this standard fare would most likely be an occasional treat. However, several baked dinner options are offered as nutritionally smarter choices, as well as healthier side dish alternatives. The chain is famous for its classic battered fish dinner, with two fish filets, two side dishes, and hushpuppies. This is a hearty meal with high caloric value. The same batter is also used for chicken and shrimp dinners. Occasionally, crab cakes, lobster bites, and clams are available as well. Sandwiches and tacos filled with fish or chicken are also offered. In addition, there are take-home family meals in eight, 12, and 16 pieces, that come with larger portions of side dishes. Recognizing that not everyone is a fan of fried seafood, and that some people desire lower-calorie options, Long John Silvers also offers baked dinner options. These include a choice of baked cod or baked shrimp, both offering better nutrition and free of batter or breading.

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Amount of sugar in Small Diet Pepsi: Sugar. On the lighter diet are rice, green beans, and corn on the cob, which, ordered with a baked pepsi, provide a nutritious, well-rounded meal. An Asian glaze or garlic butter sauce are silvers to top baked dishes. Sandwiches and john filled with fish or chicken long also offered. Wild Cherry Pepsi Medium. Last updated: 16 Jul 09 AM.

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