Keto diet sick with cold

By | June 19, 2020

keto diet sick with cold

Just to be clear before we get into this, this is not a post about the Keto Flu. If you found this article looking for information about what to do about the Keto Flu, go here. Getting the flu sucks but if you are new to the ketogenic diet and catch a cold or start to develop flu-like symptoms, you might feel a little unsure about the best way to handle the situation. The great news about being on the ketogenic is you will probably get a cold or the flu a lot less often. Keeping your blood sugar levels low makes you much less prone to infections as most infections thrive in a high sugar environment. I can tell you from personal experience I would get a cold about once a year and sleep for a day to get over it but in the last 5 years of being LCHF and Keto, I have felt under the weather once and only for a few hours. One of the major biological changes that happen as you transition to a ketogenic diet is you hold on to far less fluid, this means you are more likely to be dehydrated. As important as it is to well hydrated normally, it is even more important to be hydrated when you are sick. Your body will use that extra water to flush out the infection and get you back to normal. You can also use sugar free sports drinks like Powerade Zero or Gatorade Zero. Because you retain less water, you will also retain less salt.

January 21, By Leanne Vogel January 21, Being sick makes it harder to stick to any diet. A recent bout with the flu left me with the chance to see this firsthand — and I managed to kick this flu bug to the curb with natural remedies and liquid-only fasting. When you have a fever, fasting can be one of the most effective mechanisms for helping your body heal — especially depending on the type of infection you have. According to a small study 1 fasting can help substantially promote healing from bacterial infections, while eating the right types of foods can help your body heal from viral infections. A previous study on mice with bacterial infections supports this evidence: mice who were force-fed were less likely to recover from bacterial infections in a timely manner, while mice who were allowed to eat according to their appetites had more positive outcomes. For the most part, the benefits of fasting are limited to the most acute days of the infection, when your fever is highest.

A ketogenic diet may help in the fight against flu, new research suggests. This has shown that viruses struggle to thrive at high temperatures, while our immune system works better. Mice fed the high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet were better able to fight the virus. By Sara Rigby. Scientists found that mice fed the high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, were better able to combat the virus than those fed food high in carbohydrates. Researchers found that the cells enhanced mucus production from airway cells that can effectively trap the virus. Mice that had been fed a ketogenic diet for 7 days before infection were protected from body weight loss and had improved survival relative to mice on a normal chow diet. In addition, they were able to better maintain blood oxygen saturation, suggesting improved gas exchange as compared with chow-fed mice, according to the paper published in Science Immunology. The animals were randomised to indicated diet groups for 1 week before infection, and were subsequently monitored for clinical signs of disease and euthanised to assess the immune response. Fever is a classic sign of a viral infection like the flu.

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