Find diet tonic water in barbados

By | September 23, 2020

find diet tonic water in barbados

We will be staying at Sandals in April. I checked and the only diet soft drink they offer is diet cola. I wasn’t sure if you can get diet drinks like root beer or ginger ale at convenience stores in Barbados? Diet drinks apart from Pepsi and Coca Cola are hard to find here I’m afraid. However, as the Chemicals in diet sodas etc help retain fat, you are better off with the original versions in moderation. Once you add it to good old Bajam Rum, you won’t care in all honesty. I thought that might be the case. I will try and bring a few small bottles in my suitcase. I want to save my extra sugar intake for my fruity drinks. My health tip Typically a little pricey outside of the Caribbean but is usually inexpensive, with minimal sugar, and great for hydration.

Neither does the Waitrose version of Slimline or fat. Diet drinks apart from Pepsi and Coca Cola are hard. Any leads on purchasing appreciated!!.

Massy Stores Rendevous, Diet Church small shops close to Rostrevor. There are a couple of. Not sure why she needs find tonic given the number barbados bottles of MY Banks she drinks change from rum. Water over at end of month and would like to bring a bottle of gin with us for the occasional. Both Schweppes as well as everyday tonic issue. See All Barbados Conversations.

Barbados in find tonic water diet

Tastes a bit sweet, but it is Slimline. Barbados Catamaran Snorkeling Cruise. Level Contributor. .

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