Bland diet and water post operative of appendicitis

By | October 6, 2020

bland diet and water post operative of appendicitis

Your appendix is a small, fingerlike tube that hangs from the bottom of the right side of your large intestine. But when your appendix becomes infected appendicitis, it can be painful and require surgery. Following a specific diet after your surgery is important for a healthy recovery. About one of every people is affected by appendicitis each year, according to Harvard Health Publishing. Risk for the condition tends to peak between ages 15 and If you’re noticing these symptoms, avoid laxatives or pain-relief medications, cautions Harvard Health. Laxatives can increase the risk of the appendix bursting, and pain medication can mask symptoms and cause difficulty with diagnosis. If untreated, the appendix can burst and spread the infection into your abdomen and bloodstream, says the Sepsis Alliance. So it’s important to see a doctor if you’re noticing symptoms.

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